Gear Rack

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Special Note

The racks produced by CHSSB are of the following characters of high precision:
-In the whole length of 2000mm,unstraight degree is within 0.20mm,no matter the measurement is taken at any place of the rack .
-Unverticality of each vetical plane of the rack is less than 0.20mm.
-Smooth finish of each side is 0.8 and over.
-Error added up to circumferential pitch of any teeth is less than 0.20mm.


a=20℃ C45

Mod L=250 L=500 L=1000 L=2000
1 *15X15 15X15 15X15 15X15
1.5 *17X17 17X17 17X17 17X17
2 *20X20 20X20 20X20 20X20
2.5 *25X25 25X25 25X25 25X25
3 *30X30 30X30 30X30 30X30
4 - - *22X22 *22X22
4 - - 25X25 25X25
4 - *30X30 30X30 30X30
4 *40X40 40X40 40X40 40X40
5 *50X50 50X50 50X50 50X50
6 - *60X60 60X60 60X60
8 - - *80X80 *80X80